I have been using the online videos since the first lockdown in March, Kirsty’s classes are mindful, relatable and helped me keep my spirit and body healthy. I love them. Plus I can access recordings of missed classes to fit around work and children. Wonderful.

Kirsty's yoga classes were the best I ever found in London. Since lockdown started I've been subscribing to the monthly plan and it has been an absolute life saver. The classes are so uplifting and feel like a real workout without being too serious. I'm doing so much more yoga now and spending so much less on it, which is amazing!


I've come to regard Kirtsy's online classes as a fundamental part of my daily routine since lockdown began in spring. I try to join as many as I can throughout the week as these really keep me centered, as well as keeping me active. The classes are always well prepared and despite not being there in person, Kirtsy is always able to perfectly describe and demonstrate each pose. A real sense of community has been established with others that join through Zoom, which is something that has really helped me through these tough times.

Since meeting Kirsty and discovering yoga I have gained so much. I feel so much more peaceful and steady in my mind as well as feeling stronger and flexible. The last two weeks I’ve been in isolation and I have practiced every day via Kirstys Zoom classes which have guided me through two weeks of solitude and kept my mind and body moving. Thank you Kirsty! I highly recommend!


“Kirsty’s classes have been an absolute saviour during lockdown (and her in person classes are amazing- hope we can do them again soon!) She has an incredible way of leading a practice that taps into exactly what is needed - whether that’s calm, surrender or a good sweat.

I have been attending Kirsty’s program remotely from Paris since this summer. Thanks to her daily program, I have managed to master postures I never thought would be possible in just a few weeks (ie: the side crow!) and found peace of mind despite the pandemic. 

Kirsty is a very inspirational yoga teacher and her online program offers absolutely the best value. I can’t recommend her high enough. 


Kirsty's classes have kept me sane through lockdown. Somehow, though it's through zoom, you still feel the presence of others doing yoga alongside you which I've found comforting, and having a regular live class has helped with the motivation! 
Kirsty is such a great teacher, she nails the difficult combination of super calming and reassuring while pushing me enough to feel like I've had a workout. She makes it easy to switch off and absorb yourself in the flow. I always come away with a sense of peace and release, and after Yin I sleep like a baby! Thanks Kirsty

Kirsty's online yoga classes are a great way to get moving, stretch out any kinks and clear my mind. I always feel more centred and energised post session, and the variety of classes offered throughout the week keeps them engaging.


As a former yogaphobe, I have found Kirsty's classes welcoming and relaxed. Regardless of your ability you will have a good workout and be able to push yourself as much or as little as you please. Her instruction is inclusive for all abilities and levels of fitness and you never feel judged or like you haven't done well in your practice.

I really enjoy your online sessions. I like how you offer recordings for each class and share it later - it's super convenient. I like the spiritual side of the classes, how you offer different themes and talk about different yoga topics. Physically, after doing yoga with you for a while now I feel like some poses are becoming easier which is an amazing feeling!! Thank you! :)


Kirsty’s online yoga classes always leave me feeling nourished and balanced. Perfect for practitioners but also wonderful for those new to and intrigued by yoga. The sessions always get me a little sweaty which is what I love but she’s brilliant at bringing the pace down towards the end right down to relaxation. I’m so grateful that Kirsty always gives you something to think about, something to meditate on and a lesson to be inspired by - whether its philosophy or just something she feels appropriate for that week. Thank you Kirsty! Shanti Shanti Shanti

Online yoga has become an important part of my adjustment to the current situation we find ourselves in through covid. I miss the community of in person classes so I feel lucky to have joined an online alternative which gives me a sense of belonging. Kirsty's classes are a good mix of challenging vinyasa all the way through to calming and relaxing yin. It's also a space to reflect and learn as part of your yoga journey.